Understanding the impact on environment from your Supply Chain.

Actionable reporting incl costs on how to offset your emissions.

Help your company to become Net Zero by carbon offsetting.

Our Carbon Emission calculator has been developed to help any business moving shipments around the world, to measure their Carbon Impact

Not only can we tell you how much your shipment as emitted, but we can tell you the Carbon Emission for each mode of transport, the distance travelled and what to do with the Carbon Emissions.

CocoonCarbon has the following:

  • Mass upload of shipments - so you can calculate 1 or 10,000 shipments in one go
  • Visual Reporting including how much the offsetting will costs
  • Ability to purchase trees through our partners Ecologi
Plus a lot more, Give our free calculator a try below or visit our pricing page.

Calculate your Shipment Carbon Emissions Below.

This is a simple tool to allow you to estimate your Carbon Emissions/Footprint for your shipments.

The calculator will show you the following Green House Gases emitted:

  • CO2 Carbon Emissions
  • NOx (Nitrogen oxides)
  • PM (Particulate Matter Emissions)

How does it work Carbon Calculator

To get your Carbon Emissions calculated you just need the following:

  • Weight in Kg(s)
  • Collection Town or Postcode (Zip Code)
  • Departure Warehouse/Port/Location i.e IATA Code/UNLOC of a port (HKHKG)
  • Transit Arrival Port if required
  • Arrival Warehouse/Port/Location i.e IATA Code/UNLOC of a port (GBLPL)
  • Delivery Town or Postcode (Zip Code)

Input your shipments' legs

On each of the movement legs you then choose the mode of transport (Road/Sea/Air)
Once you hit submit you will see the results below including the recommend number of tree to offset.

If you would like to use this the calculator above, we can provide this as an iFrame and you can embed this onto your website for free.

If the results return a Zero figure, don't worry we may not have the post code of port. We have all Seaports & Airports and most the World Postcodes

However new postcodes/zip codes are created. If you contact us with the missing postcode we will then update our databases.

C02 Calculator Pricing

To start your journey to make a difference to the planet, please visit our pricing page

API Documentation


Formulas and assumptions used for the calculation of CO2e emissions are based on accredited sources such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the Clean Cargo Working Group framework.

Distances may differ as many factors can change the direction of travel in some cases as the crow flies.

Weather,atmospheric conditions,equipment age and other factors can effect getting an accurate calculation. All results must be seen as an Estimate and not Actual

  • CO2e = Carbon Dioxide equivalent
  • NOx = Nitrogen oxides
  • PM = Particulate Matter Emissions

Terms of Use


The data supplied in this tool is based on these source data provided by the user and other assumptions; therefore, this information may not be accurate or current and is not valid for pricing or planning. No warranty of fitness for any purpose is made or implied.

Conditions for tool usage

Data from this tool can not be disclosed to 3rd parties without CocoonFMS Ltd's approval.
Data can be used to estimate Carbon Emissions.
Other usages of the data must be communicated and agreed with CocoonFMS Ltd.